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Renshi Dennis PISHOCK - Butoku of North Georgia  

Aikido is a very traditional Japanese martial art of the mind and body. It incorporates joint locking and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing techniques to dominate and subdue an opponent.  It teaches students to blend with their opponent. Initially it would seem a less effective means to defend oneself. However, in actuality, it is considered the most popular martial art studied within law enforcement and other defensive tactic programs.

​By definition, Aikido means the way of harmony or way of blending energy. Aikido teaches not to confront force with force, but to simply blend or harmonize with force. Aikido encourages students to grow both mentally and physically.  Students learn to harmonize with everyday life experiences. They become more flexible and improve their cardiovascular fitness.


Aikido training includes three traditional weapons: the jo (4 foot staff), the bokken (wooden sword) and the tanto (knife). The skills learned through weapons practice - timing and distance, dynamic movement, focus, intensity and energy extension, etc. - are invaluable to empty-hand technique.


We are a part of an international martial arts family that traces its roots to the founder, O Sensei Morehei Ueshiba.